Efficiency - Over 25 meetings in 2 days
Innovation & new products. Find top quality products and the best solution for any existing need
Get to know the people behind the products. Closer and more reliable relationships with suppliers
Networking with profession colleagues. Meet fellow designers, architects and hotel owners from all over the world
Knowledge. Increase your knowledge on the industry & exchange experiences with your counterparts
VIP Treatment - Entirely organised by Madison Events from beginning to end


“HISPEC has given us a great vision about how to work in the hotel industry. We hope we can develop good partners for this market”
General Manager Sanyccess
“This level of contacts can only be found at HISPEC”
CEO Alarwool
“It’s the first time I come to HISPEC. It’s a really interesting event. Very professional and full of opportunities”
CEO Profettional Finishing Design
“I come every year to HISPEC. The experience is always positive. Excellent organisation. I will come back next year”
Senior Executive Corporate Accounts EMEA Kohler
“I never thought an event of this kind could bring such positive results. Very worthwhile for the amount of contacts you can make”
Export Manager Mobenia Contract
"The level of attendees is really high. I found innovative companies which I didn't know and possible suppliers for our projects"
Contract Manager Denys & Von Arend
“A very interesting experience, at both professional and personal levels”
CEO Skyline Design
“Very positive experience. The time you spend with all the attendees off the official meeting programme adds great value to the event
Area Manager Marset Iluminación
“We met buyers and other suppliers from all over the world. We had plenty of time to network and made some great business”
Marketing Manager Aplike
“It’s a really good way to get in touch with architects and specifiers which, under other circumstances would be really difficult to get in touch with”
Project Advisor Grespania
“This is my second time at HISPEC. From our last year experience, we were able to turn our contacts into real business and that is what really matters in the end. I’ll come back next year”
CEO Bindopor
“I think HISPEC is the perfect place to meet decision makers from the hospitality industry in a friendly and professional environment. I really recommend it”
Export Manager Bandalux Industrial
“It’s an absolute pleasure to be here again and to network with the best of best. Extremely well organised environment. The best 3 days of the year”
Vanessa Brady OBE & President SBID
“We have met suppliers which we didn’t know, we have seen new products and we have established new relations which can be used in the future”
Vice President HKS Inc
“I met some great suppliers. Fantastic opportunity to meet and greet people from the industry”
Project coordinator Benjamin West
“Great opportunity to find about the new products in the market. The one to one meetings with the suppliers are excellent. I would love to come back next year”
FF&E Purchasing Responsible, Mangalis Hotel group
“I met a big number of hospitality customers and the organisation was really good”
General Export Manager Zorlu Textile Group
“HISPEC is a great way to meet people, to find about different suppliers, to learn about different products, and to connect with fellow designers around the world”
Principal Perkins Eastman
“It could take 6 months or a year to see as many suppliers as I can see here in 2 days. Wide range of products on display and always very high quality”
Regional Director Chris Garrod Global
“It was my first time at HISPEC. We met some amazing suppliers, which we don’t think we would get the chance to meet in normal circumstances. We had a wonderful time”
Interior Designer The Drawing Room Interiors
“I met key people, which I wouldn’t be able to meet in other events. The whole event was really well organised”
Export Key Account Manager KOHLER
“The choice of the attendees and the calibre of the conferences were impressive. It’s great to get together with all the industry professionals in this venue. Looking forward to the next edition”
Design Manager Southeastern Europe IHG
“First time at HISPEC. Very nice event. Met a lot of new people and made some very interesting contacts”
Export Area Manager Gres Panaria Portugal
“We are very impressed with the organisation and the contacts we have made here. The relaxed atmosphere and the hospitality were fantastic”
International & Regional Sales Manager Sico Europe
“Suppliers were really well chosen. It’s very interesting to see what is going on in the market. I think this event is very important to the industry”
Vice President HKS
“The amount of work we get done in 2 days is excellent. We also get to see friends and profession colleagues we haven’t seen in years”
Director HBA Turkey
“It’s great to meet so many suppliers and new products, but the best of all is the personal relationship you develop with them”
Tim Rooney Jeffrey Beers International
“This year, the level of attendees is even better than last year. I will continue to come every year”
Area Manager Point
“HISPEC was a lot better than I imagined. I met incredible supplier from all over the world”
The Design Agency Partner
“I enjoyed HISPEC a lot. I would be delighted to come back again next year”
Regional Purchasing Manager MENA Kempinski Hotels
“HISPEC is a wonderful event. It has been a great opportunity to meet european vendors”
Director of Hospitality Gensler
“HISPEC is the perfect venue for both architects, designers and manufacturers. It puts the best of the best in one destination”
OBE & President SBID Vanessa Brady
“We have met a lot of new manufacturers. It’s great to have a personal relationship with all of them”
Principal Perkins Eastman
“I’ve met buyers, suppliers and colleagues from the business I never have time to meet”
Director of Design MEA IHG
“We have met a lot of new people and made some really good contacts. We will come back next year”
Export Manager Brandoni
“We’ve had the chance to offer our best products and services and all our added value to a very international group of buyers”
Key Accounts Delegate Knauf
“It’s a way of making contacts with possible customers, which are usually not accessible”
Sales delegate Gerflor
“It’s the first time we attend and we are really satisfied. We have found definite and interesting projects. We will come back in the following years”
Architectural Business Manager Klein Iberica
“It’s been a wonderful event. Very well run, very worthwhile and we have met some great vendors. I would definitely recommend anybody coming next year because I’ll probably be back myself”.
The Cardy Group President
“The contacts you make at HISPEC are impossible to find elsewhere”
Delegate Speficier channel NMC Ibérica
“It’s a great forum to meet owners of important design companies and hotel chains. It’s my fifth year at HISPEC and will come back next year, without a doubt”
CEO Alarwool
“HISPEC is an amazing networking opportunity for the hospitality industry. It benefits operators, developers and consumers. Extremely well organised. I highly recommend it”.
Director of Design & Construction Nikki Beach Hotels
“It’s the first time we attend this event. The level of participants is really interesting. We recommend it and will definitely come back”
System Manager LZF Lamps
“HISPEC has been a great opportunity to network with vendors and other buyers. We have found a lot of new products and opened a whole new source in Europe, where we normally don’t have much access”
Director Orsini SPI
“HISPEC is a very relaxed and focused way to meet new people. It has been very productive”.
Director All Design
“The convention was really good and very useful. Found some new ideas and new partners and would love to come back”
Managing Director Owner Zeinahotel KFT
“The event has been extraordinarily well received by everyone who was here for the first time like me. Great international event”.
Principal AECOM
“I’m really happy. This year I have found projects and companies which I consider can definitely bear fruit in the future”
Executive Sales Manager Tapicerías Gancedo
CEO Bindopor
CEO Alarwool
Principal SBID & Interior Design Services
Director The Drawing Room Interiors
Export Key Account Manager Kohler-Jacob Delafon
Design Manager Turkey & SE Europe IHG
Export Manager Mobenia Contract
Sales Manager Hospitality Sico Europe
Principal Perkins Eastman
Marketing Director Aplike
Vice President HKS Architects
Export Manager Bandalux Industrial
Area Manager Marset Iluminación
Senior Executive EMEA Kohler-Jacob Delafon
Construction Director Azimut Hotels
CEO Skyline Design
FF&E Purchasing Responsible Mangalis Hotel Group
Owner DeGraffenried Purchasing Int’l
Commercial Director Suinta
Architect Grespania
Project Manager The Parker Company
General Manager Sanycces
CEO Centro Hotel Group
Regional Director Chris Garrod Global
Contract Manager Denys & Von Arend
Manager Profettional Finishing Design
Satisfaction index of buyers attending the last edition of HISPEC

Meeting programme 8.45
Networking 8.7
Conferences 8
Supplier showcase 7.9
Global organisation 8.9

of buyers which have attended, would recommend HISPEC to a profession colleague
(Source: Satisfaction survey)